Rye malt fermented (red)

Our natural fermented rye malt subjected to short term treatment of thermal pressure, allowing you to receive meal with a unique texture and high water holding capacity. Rye malt can raise the water absorption of the dough. This malt is used in a wide range of products, from rye bread, rye-wheat bread, whole-grain breads, rolls and ending biscuits and crackers. The addition of fermented malt provides original brown color, crumb holds moisture, malt can increase the volume of bread and prolongs the period of freshness and durability. In addition, the already small dosage provides original, saturated color of bread and gives it a wonderful, rich flavor and aroma. It is ideal for bread instead of dark caramel. With a specially formulated technology Rye malt retains all the valuable substances for the body of Human: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, simple sugars. Rye malt helps you to get compensated volume increases dough and uniform crumb structure. It also slows down the staling process and prolongs the freshness of bread.


Rye malt


2013.06.11 Wheat malt

Now we can offer unfermented wheat malt.



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